Dragon*Con, and Why I Didn’t Attend This Year

So – Dragon*Con 2014 was last weekend. In fact, it ended yesterday (Monday, 9/1/2014). And, for the first time in um, a lot of years, I didn’t go, even for just one day.

I didn’t miss it.

I missed aspects of it, of course. I missed seeing friends, drinking coffee, gawking at the wonderful costumes, talking to complete strangers about their geekery of choice. I missed seeing a couple of authors that I admire, though from what I’ve heard, actually getting into a panel was a near-impossibility unless you lined up 24 hours ahead of time.

Then there were the crowds. According to one statistic I read, there were 62,000 people downtown at one point. Admittedly, it wasn’t just the con. There was a football game, a baseball game, a music festival and something else I’ve forgotten all going on last weekend.

This is wayyyyy too many people for Atlanta to handle. There’s not enough parking, what little is available is expensive, and Atlanta’s public transit is, well, I’ll be kind and say “unreliable”.

Plus, August in the South? If you go outside, it’s like trying to breath through wet wool. The air is hot, heavy, and water-saturated. If you’re packed into a crowd in that kind heat, you’re going to come away with some form of heatstroke. For people (like me) who don’t handle temperature extremes well, it’s nothing short of torture.

So I didn’t go. And I didn’t miss not going. It isn’t fun anymore; too hot, too crowded, and a lot of the features just don’t interest me. Have I outgrown it? **shrugs** Perhaps. Or maybe it’s just that it’s not my Con anymore. Maybe Dragon*Con has outgrown me. And that’s okay. Change is necessary for growth, as painful as it sometimes is.

What I did do was put together a tea party for The Blonde and Herself when they got back on Sunday. It was an afternoon tea, and seemed to be one of the highlights of the weekend for the Con-goers.

I don’t have a tiered tray (there’s talk of acquiring one now), but I did the three traditional servings of sandwiches, scones with jam & cream, and cake. There were cucumber sandwiches, ham & pickle sandwiches, cream cheese & salmon sandwiches. I made the scones, and did not have time to find clotted cream, so made do with whipped cream from a can (oops). And then the chocolate mousse cake. This is how it looked:

Here's the spread.
Here’s the spread.

And here are pictures of The Blonde enjoying her tea.

The Blonde with the cucumber sandwiches.
The Blonde with the cucumber sandwiches.
The Blonde with her teacup.
The Blonde with her teacup.

And that was Dragon*Con for me.

I’ll take it.


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