Uhh…I’ll Title This Later

So. Yeah. I haven’t blogged in rather a while because reasons. Mostly holiday, job, and move-related reasons*, but there have been some mood-related reasons in the mix, too. It’s hard to be upbeat and optimistic and creative when you’re upset, in pain, and really, really, really hate the interim job you took in order to have some income while you figured out if/when/how you are going to move to Michigan.

The interim Job From Hell is for another day and another blog, if I can ever bring myself to speak of it again. It’s over in a couple of weeks and the relief is great. Which may be why I am suddenly hit with the urge to blog again.

This is really helping with the blogging, let me tell you.

Photo Jan 09, 2 33 17 PM

Maybe it’s because the end of the Job From Hell is in sight that I’ve felt creative again. Of course, this occurs when I’m packing up the art room for the Great Northern Migration, so all my bits and pieces are already boxed. I’m writing, working mainly on Cursebreaker’s Dance, with a few longing looks at Ruby Lovebone. I intend to give her some attention soon. I have a finish goal set** for Cursebreaker’s Dance, because the Writing Partner, Herself, and I plan to attend a conference in October to pitch the series. In order to pitch, we need to have drafts of the first trilogy completed (that’s one book each) and a synopsis for the entire series. As each book is projected to be about 60,000 to 75,000 words, this is a goal that can be accomplished, even with the Great Northern Migration occurring over the next two months.

But I am feeling art-creative, not just writing-creative. That’s a problem when all the supplies are in sealed boxes awaiting transport. I have discussed doing some drawings for Writing Partner; he’d like pictures of his secondary project characters for the website he’s creating, but that’s a future thing. I want to do something now.

I’ve been playing around with apps, exploring some writing, art and productivity options, researching for Writing Partner and Herself, both of whom wish to purchase tablets in the next six months. I use an iPad, so my preferences are a bit slanted. However, it does seem that there are more (and better) apps for iOS than for Android. (If I’m wrong, please let me know! Neither Writing Partner nor Herself are married to the iPad. They just want tablets that will fit their needs.)

Anyway, to the point, finally! As I was playing with my iPad, I rediscovered my animation app. And I realized what I can do that’s art-creative. I can make a movie. Yay! Problem solved!

Okay, soooooo…what’s this movie going to be about?

And here’s where I’m stuck again. I really don’t know what I want to do. I thought about making a short animation of a scene from Cursebreaker’s Dance, because I could also use it as a blog post for my next turn. I’ll probably start that, then the real idea that’s hiding in the secret wrinkle in my brain will pop out, kind of like the chestburster in Alien. That’s how ideas happen to me sometimes.

And that’s where I am at the moment. I’m writing, packing, joyfully anticipating the end of the JFH, not-so-joyfully anticipating the Great Northern Migration, oh, and I married Der Mann in the midst of all this craziness. Life is upside-down and inside-out, but it will get sorted. Meanwhile, I’m hearing good things about Michigan and its creative community. That doesn’t mean that the Southern Goth in a Northern Town features will not occur. They will. It’s going to be a whole new world up there for a girl that’s never lived north of the Mason-Dixon line in her entire life, and I’m going to have to document it so I can laugh at myself for the things I thought I knew and the obvious things I didn’t know.


*Plus, there was the Saga of the Sick Snake. I had no idea that a snake could become seriously ill from constipation. Apparently, they can and it isn’t pretty. My bathtub has become a snake hot tub for her physical therapy needs.

**I need to set a finish goal for Ruby. Note to self: set finish deadline/goal for Ruby!