Update! Update! Read All About It!

Okay. Well.

Der Mann and I are in Michigan. I don’t know about “settled”, but we are physically here, and many of the boxes have been unpacked. We have a semblance of a household.

I’ve been doing the majority of the unpacking and organizing, because Der Mann has been doing the majority of the unpacking and organizing at his lab. When he gets home, he’s exhausted and understandably doesn’t want to touch another box. What that means is that I got to organize the kitchen and put everything where I wanted and within my reach. Bwahahahaha! (I’m 5’ 2”, he’s 6’ 0”.)

Now that we are settling (though not completely settled) in, it’s time to dust off my To-Do lists and see where I am and decide where I’m going.

First thing-Work: I am going back to work. (I have spoken; plus, renting is much more expensive than owning and I need to help out more). I’m working with a job coach to completely deconstruct and reconstruct my resume, and then to work on cover letters, interview techniques, and other things that I need to rethink/revise/redo/whatever. When I land a job (when, not “if”; see-I will succeed!), well, jobs cut into your free time, so I will definitely be making schedule alterations and trying to utilize my time better. I’ve already begun making some changes in that direction, just to prepare.

Der Mann and I have a scheduled a Productivity Hour twice a week, where he works on his projects and I work on mine. It seems to be a good thing. We’ll just have to see if we can keep it up with both of us working. Herself has indicated interest in Skyping in if it’s going to be a writing night for me.

Segue into Second thing-Writing: Writing Partner and Herself and I have been doing Skype-&-Write sessions weekly for our shared-world Young Adult/New Adult paranormal romance series, Perfect Coven. We spend about 30 minutes discussing business, brainstorming, reporting progress, etc., then anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour doing timed writing with a wordcount goal (500 words in 30 minutes, or 1,000 words in an hour). It’s working well for us and I admit that I’m surprised. I was worried about the distance vs. momentum thing, but the distance seems to be helping. Since we’re not geographically close anymore, we really use the time we’ve put aside to work to well, actually work. When we were all in the same city, our weekly writing meetings often turned social, which was nice, but didn’t always lead to story progress.

Also, we have a goal and a deadline for finishing first drafts of this trilogy. We want to attend Moonlight & Magnolias, a romance writer’s conference, and pitch this series. We need outlines, synopses, and completed drafts of the first trilogy to meet this goal.

We do have a Perfect Coven blog here. Now, we also have a Perfect Coven Twitter account at @PerfectCoven. Please take a look and give us a follow!

I have not been neglecting The Intergalactic Affairs of Ruby Lovebone, I promise. The first episode is ready to go, but I don’t want to publish it until I have the second episode ready and at least a good outline for the third, if not a draft of the third episode. This is intended to be a self-published serial, so I need to work out a publishing schedule that isn’t so far apart that readers lose interest, but that still gives me time to write the next episode. Hence the wanting to have at least two to three episodes completed before I begin the publication process.

Herself was originally going to write some of the Ruby episodes, but has now decided to take a character from the Ruby serial and write a companion serial, The Temporal Affairs of Amy Lovelace (or something like that; I’m not sure about the actual last name of the character. Oops.). So I probably need to talk with her about maybe doing a joint publishing schedule – a Ruby episode, then an Amy episode, with maybe sneak peeks or teasers…hmmmmm….

Third thing-Art: Here I have an issue. Yesterday, April 1st, 2015, I had decided to do an inventory of finished pieces with an eye to opening an Etsy store….

…Only to figure out that I left most of my inventory in Atlanta. All the glass tile pieces, and many of the magnets are there. I have one of my boxes, but the other two didn’t come with, nor did my display boards. I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and see what I have. If I have enough, I can maybe open the store with just the magnets and see how it goes. Herself has found my boxes and put them in her “take with me” pile when she comes to visit in June.

As far as making more goes, well, all my bits are in boxes in the basement. We still have some organizing to do down there and I’m not sure I can get to them yet. Nor do I think I marked the boxes well enough to know what’s in which box, so I’d probably have to open every box marked “Art Supplies” and check it. There are a lot of Art Supply boxes, though about half belong to Der Mann – and again, I didn’t mark the box to indicate if it was his or mine. Packing got a little crazy there at the end. Box it and stack it! At least we didn’t shove a bunch of stuff in black garbage bags, right?

And that’s where things are with me at the moment. I’m living a strictly ordered life under the Iron Paw.

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