Spring Is Here, Things Are Happening! (except it’s really not Spring, it’s stupid cold today)

Let me tell you a story.

When Der Mann was helping pack up his lab for the Great Northern Migration, he told me he found two boxes of small, glass petri plates that were going to be thrown away. He put them aside, because he thought I could maybe use them in some way. I told him, “Yes, please! That would be awesome!” So he tucked them into a box and they went with the First Wave in December. (Der Mann and I went with the Second Wave in March.)

However, the First Wave unpackers decided they’d throw away everything that wasn’t geared to them, personally, so Chucklehead told Der Mann he’d thrown away my petri dishes. Never mind that they were in a box with Der Mann’s name on them that they really had no business (a) going through, or (b) tossing items without checking. I mean, would you throw something away that had someone’s name on it, without bothering to ask said person about said item? I wouldn’t, but I’m a Southern girl, and we’re taught courtesy (or else you deal with Granny, a fate worse than, well, anything).

I’ve stewed about it for weeks, because well, Chucklehead isn’t my favorite person and it was rude.

Then, yesterday, when Der Mann was doing a walk-through to make sure everything is unpacked and properly placed so they can get inspected and then be able to gear up the research, he noticed a box kicked out of the way and under a bench. He fished it out and there were my petri plates! Apparently, Chucklehead didn’t actually bother to toss the boxes of “junk”; he just stuck them out of the way and forgot about them. So, now I have boxes of petri plates.

Photo Apr 23, 6 55 50 PM
Yay! I can make stuff!

This ties in with a wonderful idea Der Mann had the other week when he was indulging his latest obsession, Pinterest. He’s got a board for Ikea hacks. (He designed a cat tree for Boon-chicka-meow-meow based on something he saw on there. It’s awesome.) Anyway, he’d been going through his pins and decided that he could make me a crafting bench that I could keep in the basement.

Oooooohhhhhh! I’m so there with that idea. If his plans turn out (and they usually do), I’ve told him he should make a second one for his Lego city.

So this is what we have:

  • a 2 x 4 Kallax cube system (in pieces)
  • Photo Apr 24, 10 18 28 AM
    In pieces now, but not for long! You can do anything with Ikea Kallax (formerly Expedit) cubes!
  •  pegboard for the back for extra hanging storage
  • I love pegboard. You can do so much with it.
    I love pegboard. You can do so much with it.
  • bars for the sides for hanging paper towels, rolls of paper, or baskets to hold brushes, etc.
  • 3 sets of wheels
  • Bars, baskets, wheels; I have ALL the accessories!
    Bars, baskets, wheels; I have ALL the accessories!
  • and storage inserts for the cubes, which I forgot to take pictures of, sorry!

Need I say how excited I am about this, especially now that he recovered the glass plates?

On another note, I had a job interview Wednesday that has me shivering with anticipation. It’s something I’d love to do and I think I would be quite good at it. Though I’m all excited, they still have to go through their process so I won’t hear anything for a while. Therefore, the job search goes onward; I can’t just sit and wait for them to realize that they need me – because they might not. Still, wish me luck!

Last but not least, writing is going well, especially the Perfect Coven series. The weekly Skype-&-Write sessions are paying out in numbers of words written for all three of us. I’ve also started a new regime of getting up a half hour early in the morning to get some writing done, in anticipation of better time management when I’m working. I only made it up once this week, but once is better than none. I’ll do better next week.


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