My Morning, in Tweets

Well, here I am. Still looking for a job, without much success, and coming up with even more projects. At this moment, I have so many projects in the works that I’m getting up a half hour early every morning to get some work in on one of them.

So, six a.m. rolls around, I stumble out of bed and into the guest room where I have my laptop set up for writing. I’m going to spend a half hour each morning working on Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance, because I need a completed draft by the end of the month.

Oh dear gods. That’s really…soon. Eep.

I boot up, open my files and am going merrily along and then…!

So, got up 1/2 hour early this morning to do some word-making on the #perfectcovenseries, only to have Word crash. Lost it all. #amwriting

Rebooted, rewrote, only to realize new words written were for a previous, already finished, scene. #perfectcovenseries #amwriting

Also realized Chapter 8 needs to be restructured. Completely. Upsetting, but it will be stronger. #perfectcovenseries #amwriting

Went to husband for sympathy. Unexpected response? “Welcome to the writing life.” My reaction: ⁉️ Hm. #perfectcovenseries #amwriting

Made him breakfast anyway. #perfectcovenseries #amwriting

Also, this tweet series has gone much smoother than PC2CBD this morning. 😩 #perfectcovenseries #amwriting

Yeah, and that’s how my day began.

So, today’s grand total for PC2 was 108 words that apply to the scene I should have been writing. There were more actual words written, but see above. Yeah. Still, there’s tomorrow, which is Skype-&-Write Wednesday, so there will be more actual writing done, unless I spend the entire time on the restructure. I hope I won’t; I am going to attempt to rough it out ahead of time, so I can just go in and plaster the holes. I also hope that some of what’s in there already that has to go can be moved to another chapter instead of trashed. We will see, I guess.

In other news, I have a Wattpad account!

This is another project. I’m going to begin serializing a novel I wrote years ago, before Harry Potter, when no one was buying YA. I got some interest, and good feedback, but always with the caveat: “We’re not buying YA, it doesn’t sell.” Well, it does now, thank you J.K. Rowling! I’m uploading the cover soon, and then I plan to upload a chapter each month, shooting for uploads on or around the 15th. I hope you’ll check it out.

We also have a Perfect Coven Wattpad. We are going to put up short stories, outtakes, that sort of thing. We have been featuring those on our shared blog LINK. This may or may not continue, depending on how the Wattpad readership is/responds. These uploads won’t be as regular, unless, like I said, there’s enough readership to demand it.


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