Update, But Not Really

I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged because I somehow let myself get derailed; one of the bad patches hit me, and I’m scrambling my way back. It’s slow and hard. It’s also demoralizing to see how fast and easy I can be thrown into The Pit.

So I’m trying some new things to calm my mind when I start going in those unproductive, self-sabotaging circles. Der Mann got me some new art things (always a help) and I’ve been meditation doodling. I’m not exactly Zentangling, because my doodles aren’t as repetitively patterned as they should be for a proper Zentangle. Still, I find that it helps. 

I’ve also begun two art journals – one virtual, one hard copy. I’ve discovered that I love taking the paper pages in a sketchbook and coating them with gesso or Modge Podge or paint, or a combination of those, because I adore the feel of the pages when they dry. I think paging through, feeling the textures, helps as much as filling the pages. I’m going to prep some pages today, perhaps make some backgrounds. And I’m going to do it on the art bench Der Mann made for me that I haven’t used yet. 

I do have a partial blog post done, but it’s a book review for a duology, and I’m only partway through the second book.

I have a Wattpad posting goal for Vlad, I have a good flow going (or did, before this stumble) on Ruby Lovebone, and I’m into the final chapter of Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance. Now I just need to climb out of this hole and carry on with my work and my life.