Dreaming of Snakes

I dreamed about snakes last night.

Initially, I dreamed that Der Mann was cleaning the snake cages and adding features – he put some large rocks around their hiding huts for them to lounge on (not a bad idea – I might suggest this to him). This actually needs no interpretation – Natasha has shed, and Roland said yesterday that he was going to clean their cages and feed them, probably today (Tuesday, 6/21/16).

But then I dreamed that someone told him there were two more snakes in a stream outside, so he went and rescued them. They were yellow-brown (much like Boris and Natasha), non-poisonous, and both female, so he put them in the same cage. It turned out that they were escaped/released lab animals, so he kept them.

And then there were four snakes, two twined together like a caduceus, but all happily in their cages, lounging about in the sun. And I wasn’t scared of them. Per my reading, it seems important that I did not fear them.

As for meanings – well, there’s the traditional Freud interpretation, but I’m disregarding that one. Four phallic symbols is just too much – especially as three of the snakes in my dream were female (Natasha and the two wild ones).

I’m thinking more that these snakes are symbols of creativity, change, healing and transformation. Hopefully, this means I’m stabilizing, and perhaps about to launch into a wild, wonderfully creative period. The tranquil stream where we found the snakes seems to mean that I’m at peace with where my life is going – and if, as I hope, the snake dream means I’m about to enter a creative period, then yes, yes I am totally at peace with it. In fact, I embrace it – which may be symbolized by my allowing Der Mann to rescue and keep the other two snakes.

Other interpretations:

  • catching the snakes = economic fortune (this is true – I just landed a full-time job!)
  • keeping the snakes = calm judgment
  • snakes in water = appearance of a friend (maybe Mickie or Janie or Barbi is coming to surprise me!)

All in all, I see this dream as a positive one.

Now, I need to harness that creative energy and work on Eek this evening!