Resurrectionists or Perhaps, Burkers

Der Mann is desperately looking for a two-player game – something besides Trivial Pursuit. He says he’d occasionally like to do something a bit different, and I understand that. Traditional gaming/games – RPGs and such – aren’t fun with just two people, and the usual card and board games also pall quickly. And for some odd reason, he’d rather play Call of Duty on his XBox, instead of Sonic the Hedgehog. I don’t get it.

I think we’re going to have to make up our own game. As Herself put it, “A Calvin-ball card game.”

We have some ideas. For instance, last night (that would be 7/5/2016), Der Mann wanted to stop by Fun For All to look at the games. He asked the clerk if she had any recommendations for two-person games and she gave us Patchwork. Apparently, you make a quilt? Anyway, it didn’t thrill me. As we were walking out, Der Mann remarked that I might have been more enthusiastic if the point of the game was to patch together a Frankenstein-type creature, and I agreed. And thus was the idea for Resurrectionists (Burkers?) born.

I’m thinking a card component for building your creature. Roland thinks a dice component for the fighting part. Now – how do we integrate this?

We discussed “durability rolls” after your creature is built to establish your hit point threshold. Plus extra decks for creature upgrades (say, clockwork “bionic” arms or metal skeletons). It could get convoluted, but then, so is Magic, right? I like the idea of having your creature laid out in front of you (the cards) and then taking bits off when it gets damaged in a fight. Perhaps, if we really want to complicate things, you can rebuild your creature after a certain amount of damage is sustained and if you have the capital (cards).

And should there perhaps be a board component? The fighting arena, perhaps?

Finally, there is the most important part: naming the game. I’ve got two favorites right now; Resurrectionists (after the Victorian-era Resurrection Men that dug up corpses for medical students) and Burkers (for the resurrection gang called the London Burkers that killed people and sold the corpses to medical schools). I like them both. Burkers is a bit more ominous, but most people are more familiar with resurrection men. Or perhaps we could go with Victor, a double play on the victor in the fight, and Victor Frankenstein, the most famous creature-maker/resurrection man of all.

If we can work out the specifics, it could actually be fun. However, knowing us, we’ll get so involved in making the card decks that we won’t ever get around to actually playing the game…


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