Deep Water

I pulled out my (old-school) iPod the other day. I needed some music because things haven’t been good recently. I forget how much music helps with the coping.

One of my favorite songs popped, a song called Deep Water by the Finnish black metal band, Charon (who have broken up, by the way; very  sad day).

An idea popped into my head when I heard the chorus on this particular day. While I know the band themselves would laugh hysterically because, believe me, the song has nothing to do with Arthurian myth, it’s a compelling phrase and I had to get the image onto paper, in my own inadequate way.

I suppose, really, that’s what art – whether it be stories or painting or music – is all about: the resonance a piece creates in your mind.

Deep Water
I don’t normally name my art journal spreads, but I’m calling this one Deep Water after the song that inspired it.

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