SG/NT: August 2017: Adventures of the SF&T Monster Girls!

*Picture heavy post, which may impact load time. You have been warned.*

I haven’t exactly been reticent about moving North and all, but I have tried to not dwell on being lonely up here. I do silly things to keep me entertained, and to try to keep my friends close by proxy, if I can’t actually have them here with me.

To that end, I have a set of Monster High mini-mate figures on my desk at work. For the past several weeks, I’ve been putting them in various poses, taking pictures, and uploading them to my Instagram and FaceBook. I call this series the Adventures of the SF&T Monster Girls.

Predictably, this exercise in exorcising my homesickness has gotten out of hand, and now the Monster Girls are on an epic quest to recover cell phones that were stolen by tiny dinosaurs. They keep running into obstacles – like needing coffee, or taking a vacation, or going shopping – so they’re not getting very far, nor are they moving very fast.

As the adventure goes on, I keep finding new things to add to the mix (see below):

I began with just two dolls that I decided represented me and Herself.

Photo Feb 03, 8 06 45 AM

Then The Blonde joined the fun. 

Photo Feb 15, 8 11 58 AM

Then I began to add props, like (relatively) large eggs,

Photo Mar 21, 7 49 45 AM

and then I had the idea to paint backdrops with my iPad, and added a new doll to represent The Shevil One.

Photo May 12, 8 00 10 AM

Der Mann found the mini-blocks building sets on sale, and bought the lab set-up, along with a new doll to represent Blonde Deux.

Photo Jun 16, 8 23 49 AM

Then I found another app that let me put the M-Girls into the backdrops!

Photo Jul 13, 10 46 26 PM (1)

Most recently, I added thought and speech balloons to the photographs,

Photo Jul 31, 8 29 26 AM

and now I’ve found an app that will let me lay out my photos like a comic strip or a page from a comic book.

Photo Aug 04, 7 50 40 AM

As you can see, things are getting more and more involved, as per usual when I do this sort of thing.

I’m not going to put the entire series up here (yet). If you want to see the entire saga to date, go to my Instagram (username: proserpinesdaughter) and search the msfandtadventures hashtag (#msfandtadventures).  Eventually, I will probably make the entire story into a mini-movie, like I did with last year’s Halloween series, the Dead Girls Gallery (you can watch it on my youtube channel here).

Update: Well, hmmm. It has been called to my attention that I’m essentially making a webcomic here. I have been wanting to do one, and had begun planning it out (it involves mutated superhero lab rats and is to be called Eek), but the idea was actually quite daunting. So I believe I will continue to refine Eek and see how the M-SF&T Adventures pans out (I think I need a better name, but nothing is coming to mind, so I’ll probably leave it as is. Besides M-SF&T Adventures matches the hashtag.). I’ll continue as I’ve begun on FB and Instagram – posting the weekly pictures, etc. – but the actual webcomic is going to look rather different. I’m considering a bi-monthly publishing schedule, beginning some time after The Holiday (which is Halloween, of course). I think I can keep up with that. If not, well, we’ll just have to see.


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