MSF&T Adventures #3

It has been a strange week and an even stranger weekend, so this is posting late. Sorry, everyone.

However, the adventure is very nearly officially underway! There is much mischief to be found at Con!

msft #3


Southern Goth in a Northern Town-January 2018: Let It Snow!

So, this is the third winter in Michigan for Der Mann and myself. For some reason, people keep asking me if I’m tired of the snow yet.

Um, no.

Because until this year, there really hasn’t been any snow, as I mentioned in my very first Southern Goth blog post.

But this year, finally, we’re getting some snow!

Narnia White Witch
This is what I pictured. Oh, well.

Not as much as I’d thought we’d get, when this move was first mentioned. To be honest, when told our destination was Michigan, I pictured drifts taller than me (even in boots!) starting in September and lasting through May. Think of…Narnia, under the rule of the White Witch (with whom, I’ve discovered, I rather identify when it comes to winter and Christmas. Oh, dear).

Sadly, that has not been the case.

Sadly, I say, because I really love snow. I find it creatively empowering, beautiful, and just fun. I can spend hours watching snow fall, as long as I’m inside with a cup of hot cocoa and my cat curled in my lap.

Actually, that’s not true; I’ll watch it snow at work, when I’m driving, whenever. I love seeing the snow come down because that usually means I’m about to have a creative spurt. (Last snowfall, I made three webcomic pages!)

But, considering we’re approaching the end of January, we may well be at the end of our allotted snowfall for the year. (Der Mann disagrees; he thinks we’ll get one more big one.) But I have to say, while this year has been better than others, I’m still disappointed in the lack of snow. I truly would love a huge storm with big, floofy flakes piling everywhere into drifts that make the world look like someone upended a bag of sugar everywhere.

But we have shambler weather instead; gray misty fog. Here and there, for a minute, it’ll rain a bit, but it’s…unsatisfying. If we have to have rain, give me huge black clouds, rolling thunder, lightning zigging and zagging, ozone crackling in the air. C’mon weather, commit!

These gray, dreary days leave me unsettled and restless. I have trouble concentrating. I’m growly, out of sorts, and vaguely dissatisfied with everything.

It’s uncomfortable. I don’t like it, especially at this time of year. If it was March, I would still be rumbly, but not as bad, because gray, wet March days mean it’s almost Spring and Spring means Cadbury eggs! Much can be forgiven for a Cadbury egg.

Still, I hope Der Mann is right. I hope the temperature drops and it snows, snows, and snows!

I really need a big snowfall, because I have to figure out my plot points for the next Perfect Coven book… 😮

And that’s why I’m not yet tired of snow.

MSF&T Adventures #1 – The Premiere of the Webcomic!

It’s here! This is the beginning!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. While this particular scenario – with the dolls, etc. – wasn’t my original vision for a comic, I have to say that I think it’s turning out quite well. And it’s a lot of fun to do.

I started out just using my phone to take random photos of the dolls and putting them on Instagram. Then I began to add props, narrative, and backgrounds – and realized it was taking on a life of its own, turning into a story. I finally accepted, while writing this blog post, that it had become a webcomic of sorts, and I needed to decide if I wanted to pursue that avenue.

While considering my options, it occurred to me that I needed to make a plan, write up the storyline, and set up a publication schedule so I would have something to work toward if I wanted to make an actual webcomic. I set to work, and now I have done that; there is a finite ending to this story. It will take a minute to get there, but it will be a complete arc.

So this is a new adventure for me. I haven’t – at this point – made a plan for when this storyline ends. I may or may not do another comic, depending on how well I am able to keep up with my posting schedule, as I have writing obligations to my fellow Perfect Coven authors. For now, I am going to enjoy the ride and post a page every other Monday on my blog, Wattpad, and my deviantArt page. Please feel free to drop me a comment at any of those places!

msft #1