Southern Goth in a Northern Town-May 2018: MerMay (and Art Burnout)

So – I had a great plan for this post. I was going to talk about my digital art, as it’s MerMay and I was so excited about it. I even had a theme I wanted to follow if I didn’t feel the daily prompts, and…nothing. I find myself singularly unmotivated to do any of it.

The good news is that the webcomic pages are all finished. They are ready to go, and will continue to publish every other Monday through December 31st, 2018. (The comic began pubbing on January 1st, so I’m quite pleased with the symmetry of ending December 31st.)

At the moment, however, I find myself ambivalent about doing another comic. It was fun to do, and I loved making it, and I’m enjoying seeing the reactions when I publish a page, but right now I’m just not interested in doing another. My brain is mush. I can’t even think of a story idea I’d want to do.

I’m thinking that perhaps I’ve done too much digital art in the last several months, since I’ve been working so hard on the webcomic. I use a number of drawing and photo manip apps, and I recently discovered Affinity Photo for iPad. I purchased it, but….

Yeah. But. The app is very much in the vein of Photoshop, which I have used just fine on my laptop for years, but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around Affinity. I honestly don’t think that the learning curve is that sharp. I think I’m just burned out on digital art right now.

And that makes me sad, because I really wanted to do MerMay this year.

So I’m going to take a break. I’ll put all my digital art apps aside and stop obsessing over learning Affinity. I’m going to get out my art journal, throw some pencils, pens, and some other supplies in a pouch (probably my gel crayons; I love them and they’re so versatile!) and I’m going to get my hands dirty.

I need to change directions for a time, and clear my mind. I think doing some hands-on art will help, as will the fact that my fellow authors and I are about ready to begin work on our next set of Perfect Coven books while we have the first set out for querying. One type of creative exercise generally inspires me for another, so I have hopes of breaking out of this slump in time for my annual Halloween series. (I have two ideas this year and I don’t know which to choose! Perhaps I’ll put up a poll later. Hm.)

Anyway, I may not be participating in MerMay at the moment, but never fear! I have mermaid links!

  1. Search the #mermay or #mermay2018 hashtag on instagram. Lots of lovely art; at my last search, there were 148,000 entries!
  2. Also search the #mermay hashtag on Twitter. I have no idea how many entries are there, but there is some gorgeous art!
  3. Next, here is a MerMay page on the web. They have artist spotlights, showcasing the mermaids and the artists.
  4. There is a MerMay category on deviantArt. Just type MerMay in the search feature and lots of wonderful art pops up!
  5. And last but not at all least, check out this FaceBook page. She’s a friend of mine and has been for many, many years. She’s also a fantastic artist, a dancer, and an actual mermaid!

MSF&T Adventures #10

Pub day announcement!

I have actually completed all the pages for the comic!

The comic will continue to pub every other Monday, with the final page pubbing December 31st, 2018. It began pubbing January 1st, 2018, so I am aesthetically quite pleased.

Now, without further ado – here is the next installment!