MSF&T Adventures #17

Things are looking a bit creepy for the Monster Girls.


Southern Goth in a Northern Town-July 2018: Introducing Zoezie Zee

Der Mann and I have acquired a new pet.

New cat, if I need to clarify.

In the spirit of that clarification, know that I did not want a cat. We had our two, and that was plenty in our apartment. We had discussed adopting another once we moved into a house, but that was a future plan, dependent on numerous other factors.

And then came Zoey*. Her people are leaving town and decided that they didn’t want to take her. Yes, you read that right; not ‘couldn’t’, oh no, it was ‘didn’t want to’.

Don’t even get me started on that. Just…don’t.

And Zoey is, well, to be honest – she would never have made it out of the shelter. She’s four years old. She’s declawed (again, do not get me started). She’s always been an only cat. She is not immediately friendly to people or other cats; she takes her time to warm up to you. And she’s black.

Five strikes.

Five strikes means we have another cat. Honestly, if we had been looking for a cat, she’d be perfect. She’s right about Karma’s age. She’s female. She’s black. When we did discuss adopting a cat, I said I would prefer an older black cat or an older Siamese because they don’t get adopted. So the universe took me at my word and I had to put my money where my mouth was; no one wanted her, so we stepped up and now we have a ZoZo cat.

Boon grew up under the paw of a neurotic black cat, so he isn’t fazed by her antics. Karma, however, is at a loss. All her attempts to socialize are met with hissing. All her requests to play are ignored. She is annoyed and her feelings are hurt.

We’ve only had Zoey for a couple of weeks. We know it will take time, but Karma wants to play right now. Still, I think Zoey is progressing well; in the guest room – which she has claimed as her territory – she’s perfectly fine with the other cats. We can all get on the bed and watch movies with no issues. But if Zoey leaves the guest room (which she has been doing, and that’s good, we want her to explore the rest of the house) then things get dicey. If one of the other cats approaches, she gets scared. She’ll hiss and scream and that annoys Karma to no end, so Karma chases Zoey. Boon ignores her, and she has no problem with him. Karma is the issue. Perhaps they’re too close in age; or perhaps Karma fears her guy (she much prefers Der Mann to me) will like Zoey and no longer have time for her, though we’ve both made a point of paying equal attention to everyone.

It will work out, I know. Cats are too lazy to keep up the animosity for too much longer. And when it gets cold, I think a lot of differences will disappear. But right now, things are tense in our household. Still, she’s a sweet girl, when she forgets her fears. We are working hard to let her know that she is loved and accepted as she is, but it is going to take time. All in all, I am glad she ended up with us, as I don’t think anyone else would have the patience for her, nor do I think she would have been able to handle a shelter.

And that is the Story of Zo.

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*Zoey is the name she she came to us with; we don’t want to change it, but it really doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of Boon-Chicka-Meow-Meow and Karma Katmeleon. Therefore, in our household she is known as Zoezie Zee, after Siouxsie Sioux (and/or sometimes Zoey Zee Fashion Diva or occasionally ZoZo).

Southern Goth in a Northern Town-June 2018: Goths in Space!*

Weeeeeell, not really Space Goths. (Yet. But I mean.. Space Force? C’mon, it’s just too easy!)

In May, Der Mann, Herself and I joined my father and sister (and her teeny tiny puppy) in Orlando for a little vacation. Nothing huge, just a few days out of Michigan (and Atlanta, for Herself).

I really needed the break. My anxiety has ramped up, which often brings on a depression, all of which may have contributed to my issues in/with MerMay. I’m working on it, but it’s difficult to climb out of The Pit. Thankfully, I have Der Mann, Herself, Snoopy Grrl, Lady Strange, The Blonde, The Little Blonde, and many, many others in my corner. They never let the lights go completely out.

Okay – back to Orlando.

I am not a fan of heat and humidity (which were terrible while we were there), and Der Mann loathes roller coasters and crowds, so we noped out of Disney and Universal. However, what we did do was visit Bok Gardens and the Kennedy Space Center.

Crowds or no crowds, I’m going back to Kennedy. We didn’t get to see nearly all of it, though we spent the entire day there.

And then got super-yummy Cuban food for dinner.

Now I want to go back tomorrow.

But Kennedy…ahhhh….space. It’s amazing.

First of all, the people at the gate were … well, I don’t think they quite knew what to make of a car full of ElderGoths (me, Herself, Der Mann) shouting “Rockets! Rockets! Rockets!” when we pulled up. I do mean literally shouting – and I was an English major and am a writer, so literally means…literally.

We were greeted by this fine Space Ambassador:Space Beagle

We did a bus tour which took us by the launching pads. Dad says next time we’re taking the long tour so we can get out at the launch areas and take pictures. Oh yeah! Not saying no to that!

We watched a couple of shows and toured some of the exhibits. Not nearly all, not yet, but we will get back there. Dad also says we’re going back and getting three-day passes because he wants to see it all. Again, not saying no to that!

There were some wonderful interactive exhibits, such as the Atlantis cockpit…and I didn’t take any pictures there because I was busy pushing buttons and stuff. Oops. Perhaps I’ll get Der Mann to pull some of his pics from his camera and update this post. He took real pictures; I only had my camera because I knew I’d be getting into all the things.

And then…Atlantis. The real deal. Showing space damage from its missions.

Atlantis - Tail
The tail of Atlantis; you can see the damage from being in space.

It was awe-inspiring.

And hanging just out of Der Mann’s reach, no matter how he stretched. And he tried hard to touch it.

Atlantis - Nose
The nose of Atlantis. It’s both bigger and smaller than you’d think.
Neil Ace Beagle
Neil Ace

And finally – I acquired a new beagle for SnoopyGrrl. Meet Neil Ace Beagle, the 50th Anniversary Space beagle! He was made for and only available at Kennedy, in honor of the moonwalk.





*So (at the risk of dating myself) did you all read that in the PIGS IN SPACE voice from The Muppet Show?